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Taiwan Franchise Hotline : +886-988-050-818

International Franchise Hotline:  +400-6666-738

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Brand Concept:

Provide freshest, original and tasty quality to worldwide fans.

Fashion, Funky & Stylish: Provide customers a new and high quality experience of fashion and popularity.

Global Vision: International branding, taste localized.

Ecocentric Ethics: Strive to go Green. Adopt eco-friendly materials and packaging.)


Criteria: Adequate Capitalization / Store space requirement approx. 90-140㎡

Headquarter  Support:Equipment / Facilities、Training Program、Marketing Support、Uniforms , Store Layout included. Rental fees, operational funds, wages expenses, utilities and misc. expenses excluded.

Staff:Number of employees 4 to 6 people at least (depending on operating status)

Training Program:45 days (Fundamental Course / In-store Operational Training / Assessment / Management )

Franchise team:3-5 years